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cropped-Wrestling-Talk-Logo2.pngIn June of 1987, photographer/filmmaker Paul Fay and Cable Operator Leonard Caplan interviewed professional wrestling legend Walter “Killer” Kowalski for almost an hour. Through Paul’s pro wrestling connections due to his wrestling photography, on a whim he asked Len a month or two earlier if he’d be interested in such an interview. Len had been a wrestling fan since the 1960s and particularly in the 1970s so he jumped at the chance. Little did they know that twenty-six years later, Wrestling Talk, as it came to be called would still exist as a regularly produced show. Not that the show remained the same as when it started. In its many incarnations, Wrestling Talk has featured comedy, had a stint as a radio show in 1990 as well as a broadcast television run in that same year, survived the untimely death of Paul Fay in 1991, continued on with Ed Whittier as his successor, the coming and going of James Quinlan III, another co-host, been seen on as many as twenty-six cable stations, and witnessed its introduction to a new, wider audience on YouTube. Wrestling Talk has been acknowledged by wrestling commentator Dave Scherer as the world’s first and oldest talk show about professional wrestling. Today it can be defined as an opinion/viewpoint show. Len and Ed leave the experts on “who won the main event in Wrestlemania V  with what precise hold” to the precise wrestling historians and others who do different types of wrestling talk shows.

Ed, Len Cena belts

Len and Paul 87

Leonard Caplan and late host, Paul Fay

All logos for Wrestling Talk designed by John Rodeo,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ed Whittier, Leonard Caplan with John Cena’s actual WWE Championship Belts

courtesy of John Cena, Sr.

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